ASN Natural Stone, Inc. began in 1992 as a stone tile, slab fabrication and installation brokerage service for San Francisco and Bay Area architects, contractors, designers and their clients. Originally named Alex Stone Network, the business started in a Haight Ashbury flat, drawing on Alex's 6+ years of experience in companies involved with stone importing, distributing, fabricating and installing. Several years later when business was really picking up Alex's girlfriend Rose offered to help out for a few months and that was the real beginning of the ASN of today. Rose brought her extensive project management skills which allowed the company to take on and complete larger and more complex projects, including a new Sonoma residence designed by Olle Lundberg that saw ASN import its first large quantity of 16 x 16 Portuguese stone for interior tiles and exterior pavers. It was coincidentally named Rosal and was sourced from the quarry shown on this page. ASN pioneered large format tiles and pavers, textured surfaces and concentrated on sourcing unique stones to offer clients something different. ASN also has the distinction of being the first importer to regularly import and stock the 24 x 12 stone tile size - since the fall of 2001 - which has now become standard for upper end importers in the U.S. ASN Natural Stone is still a family run company and together with a highly capable sales staff has decades of experience working with natural stone, design and project management. Never content to rest on its laurels ASN is always looking for new materials with interesting possibilities that will help clients' projects be that much more special.


Alex Sajkovic’s passion for natural stone grew out of a serendipitous meeting with the sales manager of an Italian-American stone company that was driving the same model FIAT 131 as Alex. Always having been intrigued and stimulated by Italian design it seemed natural to accept a job in stone sales and service that involved driving that FIAT across the Golden Gate Bridge every day - showing beautiful white Carrara marbles and other stones to clients in Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties. Fast forwarding through 3 stone companies and a few recessions Alex is now working on business development and marketing, including the architectural sampling and outreach program at ASN. In addition to the daily business of ASN Alex wants to raise the profile of stone as a green building material: “Stone is not a scarce resource...we live on a blue and green spinning rock! Natural stone is not manufactured and is minimally processed - having a relatively low carbon footprint. If you consider the rock cycle where stone is simultaneously eroding and being formed - and that it is such an abundant natural resource that is virtually impossible to deplete - then it follows that natural stone is a sustainable material".

Rose M Garcia used to write hazardous waste management plans for California counties including Fresno and San Francisco before she brought her knack for organization and administration to ASN. Customer service, client satisfaction and helping the sales staff maintain smooth running projects from start to finish keeps Rose humming. Her tireless dedication to details and seeing everything through has cemented ASN's reputation for customer service as many repeat clients will attest. Her first project at ASN was to find 'stone that looks like wood' for a project in Tokyo, Japan. She's overseen airfreighting stone slabs to Hong Kong from seven countries for a mock-up and provided the Dallas Galleria shopping mall with a new limestone floor from Cairo, Egypt. She consistently runs a tight ship and takes care of the ASN family.


"Encourage the competence, skill and correct choices needed to create long lasting, stable, safe and aesthetically appealing projects. Honesty before profits. Provide exceptional quality and service. Satisfaction for everyone working with ASN".